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Squadron 135 Soldier
Throughout his childhood, Jim was a terrible mental case. With the least provocation, he would slip into a terrible animalistic state and wreak havoc on those around him. When "normal," Jim would always try his best to fit in, longing to be just like everyone else, despite his problem. Finally, after years and years and years of constant dedicated therapy, Jim was cured. His doctor noted that the only thing that could possibly knock him back into instability were if he were to be terribly, horribly, and impossibly mentally frustrated. Satisfied with this, Jim entered SEMY a little while afterwards and was a success within his ranks.

After training had completed, Jim had the misfortune of meeting Walky. After a very long and complicated episode, Walky managed to overcome Jim's threshold of sanity and down the slippery slope Jim went. Jim thus has a complete hatred of Walky. Walky, for all intents and purposes, ruined his life irreversibly. Jim wants to see Walky dead.

Jim often gives off an air of superiority despite his mental status, mostly to cover up his insecurity. Usually condescending and mean, he isn't liked well by his fellow SEMY soldiers.