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Squadron 135 Commander

Joyce was a living anachronisim for most of her childhood. Right up to her college years, her only real aspiration was to settle down and get married. Not surprisingly, she wasn't exactly a feminist poster girl. But through a few hard breaks and trials of her own, coupled with a few alien abductions, she learned that there was more to life than the pursuit of men. Like waiting around for men to pursue her. Joyce never learns, huh? She joined SEMY when SEMY agents tracked her down in college, after finding out that secret alien documents had been encoded in her brain. At the time she was desperate for a break from life in general and decided to train at the SEMY Academy to become a soldier there. Rather strangely, she landed the position of Squadron 135 commander. Her teammates leaning more towards the brawn side, she comprises of the brains side. Not that she can't hold her own with her concussion cannon, which looks about as big as she is. Despite trying to keep her mind off of such things, she harbors a secret love for Walky, the Squadron 128 Commander, but she keeps it secret as best she can. Unfortunately, her best isn't all that great. Everyone in SEMY other than Walky knows she likes him. But when you got two ditzes who are destined, chances are they won't find out for a *long* time.