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David Willis' MIDI music page

When it comes to midi-making, I'm not exactly that practical in my knowledge and skill. I left the good stuff to Samkim when I needed music stuff for my computer games, since he's the master. But I'd like to think I do have a nice, modest collection of my own original midis.

The single midi file I am most proud of is "Walkerton Rock", the quintessential Walkerton tune. Sure, I've beaten this melody to death with its 18,383,924 different incarnations, but this is the best one, and my personal favorite.

Here's some more versions of it, ad nauseum:
"Walkerton 1 Title Music"--The first version of Walkerton Rock. It's improved a smidge since then, eh?
Walkerton 1 Standard Level Music--What the title says.
Walkerton 1 Cutscene Music--A nicer, simpler version.
Walkerton 1 Credit Music--A rather different version, and sorta cheesey. I overdid a few of the chords on this one.
"Walkerton vs. the Mutant Frosted Honey Bun"--The boss music for Walkerton 1, a variation of the theme.
Walkerton Rock Revisited--A newer, longer version of the basic melody.

A few miscellaneous midi tunes

The first Head Alien theme--This wasn't intended to be the Head Alien's motif from the beginning, I merely used this little tune in his debut in Walkerton 1.
"The Head Alien"--The standard HA theme, updated and more suiting to the Head Alien's evilness. :)
The first Sal/Stealth Bomber theme--A neat tune I did for the flying level in Walkerton 2. It's now Sal's motif.
A slightly modified version of the previous theme.
"Walkerton vs. Monkey Master"--A different version of the Sal theme.
"Joyce"--Joyce Brown's motif, the first version.
"SEMY-Automatics Title Theme"--Title music to SEMY-Automatics, version of the Joyce motif.
"SEMY Ode 1"--One of the many versions of the SEMY Anthem.

When I moved from Klik & Play to The Games Factory, I suddenly had the opportunity to make longer, more complicated cutscenes between levels. Thus, I was able to weave several different motifs into one midi, telling the story through sound as well as through imagery. (Gee, that almost sounded sophisticated...) Here are the resulting midis, from SEMY-Automatics.

Cutscene 1--The Big Boss finishes his mission briefing when the Head Alien bursts into the room, unveiling his newest scheme.
Cutscene 2--Walkerton and Joyce run into a room full of aliens, accompanied by the Head Alien himself. Conflict ensues, and Walkerton is tossed out the third-story window, where he lands on the concrete and meets up with others from his squadron and Joyce's.
Cutscene 3--The Joyce and Head Alien motif is worked together as she is captured by the alien forces.
Cutscene 4--Samkim's "The Cheese" theme, the Joyce motif, and Samkim's version of the "Sal" theme are all woven together in this midi, taking place at the climax of the story.

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