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Strips that didn't make it

While the newspaper has never rejected any of my comic strips (...yet >:D), there were a few installments that I either didn't ink, didn't use, or decided to skip for one reason or another.

This was an early strip that I was planning on running the day before Joyce introduced Danny to her roommate, Sarah. It's mostly an inside joke, as a good 50% of all the girls I've ever known were named Sarah, including my sister. But, I wanted to finish the current story within that week, and I thought it'd confuse people when I introduced the real Sarah, so I canned it.

These next two strips *did* make it, just not these versions of them. While photocopying some strips to take to the newspaper, I left my sketchbook in the machine, and when I realized it and returned to find it, the sketchbook was gone. Crap. So I bought another sketchbook and drew the following strips all over again, which ended up like this and this. A month later, the sketchbook showed up in my mailbox.

The following strip was omitted because I wanted to finish its corresponding story within the week, and Thanksgiving Vacation was one day more than I had thought. So I found the strip that was most expendable and scrapped it. This reject would have gone before this strip.

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