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Hidden in the vast mountains of rugged Colorado lies the secret grounds of the SEMY Complex. SEMY, a top-secret branch of the United States military groups, was created in the early sixties when concrete evidence of extra-terrestrial life was made known to the government. But when the aliens suddenly became active -- their moves centered in their several island bases located in what is known as the Bermuda Triangle -- SEMY began recruiting and training people from around the
nation to counterforce the impending alien attacks. And so the secret war between human and alien life began, and
what the civilians don't know can hurt them...

Squadron 128, led by Commander David Walkerton, and Squadron 135, led by Commander Joyce Brown, are two bands among the many that risk their lives daily to keep the alien threat under control. Dressed in civilian clothing in order to keep virtually invisible in normal populations, distinguished only by the yellow stripe across their shirts, these soldiers do not lead isolated lives. Despite their top-secret mission, the fighters of SEMY have real lives -- real relationships -- with their former colleagues and among their own. Thus begins our story, focused on a small yet important part of the SEMY forces.

Squadron 128




Big Boss
Professor Doc
Head Alien