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Squadron 128 Commander

Walkerton (known as "Walky" to his peers) never grew up. He has the shortest attention span you'll ever observe and a fascination with the simple and obvious, but buried underneath that is a determined, loyal, dedicated friend to all. It's not that Walky is dumb. He merely has trouble concentrating on the matters at hand. He'd rather be eating his favorite snack chips than focusing on a battle he may be in the middle of. He'd be the best darn stealth bomber pilot in SEMY if he'd only remember a few simple tasks such as putting down the landing gear before hitting the runway. His marksmanship with his laser rifle is unequalled -- if only he could aim before getting distracted. He's every bit the fighter his twin sister Sal is, but those traits are hidden under his hyperactive mind. He also has an inferiority complex. He realizes his weaknesses and figures he is useless. Despite Squadron 138 Commander Joyce's every attempt to prove otherwise, Walky remains convinced he's a letdown to himself and others. The fact that he can easily slip into periods of amnesia with a simple knock on the head only amplifies his lack of self-respect. With one kick to the temple, he can transform his personality. He could be Gilligan, Darth Vader, name it. He's been it. Yet Walkerton remains smiling despite his troubles. Letting his self doubt be a bane to anyone else's happiness is the last thing he wants. And if there's one benefit to his short attention span it's that he can't stay depressed too long before his mind runs off to something else. If you're looking for someone perfect, don't bother with Walky. But if you're looking for a friend, you've hit the bullseye.