Welcome to Walky's Internet Pitstop. I know that first sentence is redundant, but it makes me feel secure.

If you're looking for something useful, don't browse this website. The only crap we've got here are some comics, stories, and a Transformers fan site. Whee! Exciting! Go read The Onion instead.

First up, I draw a daily comic strip that I upload to the Net. Simply and boringly titled "Roomies," the strip involves a zany cast of college-aged kids. More about personalities than about the experience of college (it's not a gag strip), Roomies tries to weave a ongoing story where characters evolve and change. C'mon, it's got aliens. How can you not like stuff with aliens?

Next we've got my bloated fanpage for Transformers and all (okay, most) of its incarnations. Remember those cars and jets that turned into robots in the eighties? Well, you'll find that sort of stuff here, as well as a plethora of Beast Wars items. Trust me, there's nothing kewler than a bunch of robots with guns.