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Squadron 128 Assistant Commander

Sal was born to get the job done. Quick and lethal, she can make sure any aliens in her way are finished within seconds. Sal prefers hand-to-hand combat rather than battle with ranged weapons. She's an expert at kick-boxing and many other similar forms of combat. She can move effortlessly and silently across alien ground before her squadron teammates know she's gone. Raised in the southern United States, she moved up north for her high school years. But what happened during her senior year is a mystery to all but herself. Running away from her family after they moved yet again, she now prefers to cut herself off from the rest of the world. She shares the aquaintances with most of her squadron, but refuses to get too close emotionally. Not even Walky, her long-lost twin brother separated at birth, knows all that much about her past, although he knows more than most. Instead Sal diverts her mental energies towards doing her job well, and that she does. Unfortunately, she'd rather do the job alone. She's not one for company, although she possesses a whimsical sense of humor. Too much personal contact just increases the possibility of having to explain her troubles. And that's the very last thing she wants.