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Squadron 128 Soldier

Jason is a real ritualistic and proper man. He prefers to keep his life and living spaces clean, fit, and up to his high standards. Most of the time, this clashes with Walky's clumsy way of leadership, and if the proper way to do the job isn't the most practical, he gets in Sal's hair as well. And Mike hates everyone regardless of what they do, so in short, Jason isn't very popular among Squadron 128.

Born somewhere in the United Kingdom (No one's bothered to ask him where) and raised primarily in the United States, Jason finds many of Squadron 128's ideas and practices frivolous and silly. He's proud of his heritage and, as snotty as it seems, looks down on the Americans like the heathens they are. But really all he wants is to fit in, no matter how terrible a job he's doing.

While Jason doesn't exactly have wonderful people skills, he does have a few good points going for him. For one, his knowledge of procedure and war strategy can help out in a pinch. And two, he has a strong sense of honor so you know he's dependable.

Squadron 128 may find Jason incredibly annoying at times, but in all actuality, he's one of their greatest assets.